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Physical Therapist: Your Overall Wellness Provider

July 6, 2016

Physical Therapists’ Role in Prevention, Wellness, Fitness, Health Promotion, and Management of Disease and Disability:
Physical Therapists play a unique role in the community by serving as a dynamic bridge between health and health services delivery for individuals and populations.  Physical therapists are not just experts in rehabilitation and habilitation, they also have the expertise and the opportunity to help individuals and populations improve overall health and prevent the need for avoidable health care services. 
A Physical Therapist provides:  Education, direct intervention, research, and collaborative consultation. 
“These roles are essential to the profession’s vision of transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” – American Physical Therapy Association.
Physical therapist are uniquely educated and trained to adapt health care recommendations to the community environment where individuals live, work, learn, and play.  With this knowledge and ability physical therapists are able to adapt medical recommendations to specific environment, to meaningfully interpret health recommendations, to help individuals modify their health behaviors, and to ensure clinical and community services are integrated, available, and mutually reinforcing.

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