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Why New Moms Need Physical Therapy!

August 19, 2015

 Physical Therapy can be very beneficial to new mothers, mothers to be, and future mothers.  Unfortunately this is a fact not well known by the public or other health care providers.  Remember, you are your best advocate for your individual health care, especially during and after pregnancy.  Therefore, before you give birth, ask your doctor if they refer to physical therapy after giving birth.  Let them know how physical therapy can help.

Ginger Garner, a physical therapist and mother, from “Modern Mom”, gives us 4 reasons to how physical therapy can help mothers.  These reasons include:

1. Managing Urinary and Fecal Continence
2. Prevent Scar Tissue Adhesions & Pelvic Pain
3. Manage Low Back Pain
4. Wellness for Future Pregnancies and Daily Life

If you are already experiencing these symptoms during pregnancy, then you should get a referral, or visit us directly for physical therapy now.  Do not wait until after giving birth.
The American Physical Therapy Association’s 2010-11 report titled Today’s Physical Therapist: A Comprehensive Review of a 21st-Century Health Care Profession, states “physical therapists are committed to facilitating each individual’s achievement of goals for function, health, and wellness.” The core values of a physical therapist are “altruism, accountability, integrity, clinical excellence, social responsibility, and compassion.”

The Physical Therapists here at Physical Rehabilitation Group can help you maintain physical wellness before and during pregnancy, as well as restore wellness postpartum.   Contact one of our locations and see how we can help.

Physical Therapy can help improve your quality of life!
Please Read the article below for more information of how physical therapy can help you!

Courtney B. Andrews, DPT, Cert. DN
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