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It has been a distinct pleasure and privilege to have bad my rehabilitation and care with Physical Rehabilitation Group. At the age of 65, I was apprehensive of undergoing two knee replacements. Both surgeries (December 2016 and February 2017) were done by Dr. Phillip Milner at Newberry County Hospital. Dr. Milner did an outstanding jab and I recommend him to anyone needing replacements. Thankfully, my surgeon referred me to Physical Rehabilitation Group, where I received truly outstanding care. Having a daughter born three months premature, our family has experienced over a decade of observing and interacting with physical therapy teams. The care I have received here in Laurens is one of the highest qualities and it has ensured my quality of life, health and ongoing independence. Thereare no words that could ever fully express my gratitude for the careful and deliberate attention to every detail of care, not only for me, but for every single patient entering the door. Each patient is treated as though he or she is the only patient receiving care and every possible need is met. When I began the program, one factor compounding my apprehension was my compromised immune system and need for an extremely clean environment. Equipment is sanitized after each use and patients are provided with a joyful, yet peaceful, low key environment, minute by minute engagement and detailed instruction from the team. Low lighting and laughter, along with the constant observation and gentle instruction, each patient can fully focus on the task at hand, confident and able to trust that we are receiving care that is second to none. Dr. Milner, Newberry County Hospital, Lindsay Wilson (physical therapist) and Elaine Rector (physical therapist assistant) were our selections for my care and they proved to be the very best for me. Thank you, team, - I'm back in my flip flops and swimming daily. Yay! I am sincerely grateful to everyone.

Janet C
Laurens, SC

"Therapists were very professional and knowledgeable, but they also sought to develop relationships built on caring on a personal level.  I had an excellent experience!"  --Spartanburg Resident

Spartanburg Resident
Spartanburg, SC

"The best part about my care was the one-on-one therapy.  Not having to wait on an appointment.  Always leave feeling satisfied with my therapy." --Spartanburg Resident

Spartanburg Resident
Spartanburg, SC

"The therapists were very professional and explained everything well.  It was quite different from other therapy I've gotten. I actually got good results!"  --Spartanburg Resident

Spartanburg Resident
Spartanburg, SC

"The best part of my care was the way the team all seemed to work together for my welfare.  Everyone was always so cheerful!  It was a pleasure as well as beneficial for me to come here."  Thank you! --Spartanburg Resident

Spartanburg Resident
Spartanburg, SC

I just wanted to thank all of the ladies at the Physical Rehabilitation Group in Laurens, SC.  I had a total left knee replacement on January 28th, 2016.  Before my surgery, I consulted with Lindsay Wilson and she was more than helpful in preparing me for what to expect and what was in store for me with rehabilitation.

I began rehab the Tuesday following my surgery.  They welcomed me with open arms and professionalism, and with their knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and concern for my well being they had me back on the golf course in record time!  It wasn't all easy, but with their encouragement I was able to endure through all of the obstacles I faced.

I can't express enough how grateful I am for the attention I received from Lindsay, Ally, Elaine, Sally, and Rhonica  You ladies are hands down the best!


M. Sharp
Laurens, SC

"I have really enjoyed my physical therapy.  Working with Lindsay and Elaine has been GREAT!  They are excellent therapists.  I recommend them to a lot of people.  They are great!" 

Kathie B.
Laurens, SC

"The staff really enjoys their work and cares about the outcomes. Positive atmosphere in the room." -- Donna

"Physical therapy got me back on my feet and doing the things I love to do: fishing, playing with the dog, everyday activity people take for granted. Thank you!" -- Gary

"What I liked best about my care was the individualized therapy that works on the 'target' area. They make you feel like they really care about your problems and they work hard to fix them. You can tell they understand what they are doing." -- Spartanburg resident

"They all listen to you and they really care about your well being. Love them!" -- Angelia

"The therapists were all knowledgeable, friendly, attentive, and caring. I am very pleased with my therapy." -- Spartanburg resident

"They were professional, skilled, very kind and caring. If I need any PT in the future, this is where I'd come!" -- Ruby

Multiple Patient Quotes
Spartanburg, SC

"All the staff was very welcoming. They went above and beyond to make sure I had the best recovery from surgery. I would not be where I am in such a short amount of time without them." 

Spartanburg, SC

I am writing today to thank the great PT’s that you have working with you.  My name is Linda and I have been a client of PRG 2 times this year.  I had my first TKR in February of 2015 and came to rehab at PRG.  Working with Ali and Andres put me back on my feet in no time.
It became apparent my other knee was not going to hold out so plans were made to replace it 6 months later.  In August of 2015, I had the other TKR and came back to PRG for rehab.  When I walked in Ali and Andres greeted me with smiles and said welcome back, let’s get to work.  A couple more weeks of work with them and I will be up and running at 100 %. 
I sometimes think folks like these two don’t get the thanks and praise they deserve so I wanted you to know how much it has meant to me being able to work with them and get my mobility back.  I own a boarding kennel in the area and can now be on my feet without being in pain. 
I have recommended your group to others I have talked with at Dr. Funderburk’s office and a few of my clients at the kennel. 
Please pass this note on to Ali and Andres with my thanks again.

Linda L.
Spartanburg (North Grove Clinic), SC

"My few weeks at the rehab center have been wonderful.  After hobbling around for months, I heard surgery and my rehab has me almost back to normal.  The team that worked with me was awesome!!  Always smiling and reassuring me and a great teaching team!!  Because of their suggestions and encouragement of what to do at home has me continuing my therapy daily, too.  We are blessed to have a facility like them in Laurens.  Many thanks to them - I feel so much better!!!"


M. Easter
Laurens, SC

They greet everyone by name each time which makes everyone feel valued and important.

Spartanburg resident
Spartanburg, SC

"The best part of my care was the knowledge, concern, attention to detail, and the humor of all the therapists.What you are doing is great!"

- Spartanburg resident
Spartanburg, SC

"Everyone was so easy to work with. They are all excellent in this line of work."

Helen O.
Spartanburg, SC

"Staff is very professional. Their humor made the experience much more pleasant. Thanks for everything."

John T.
Spartanburg, SC