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"Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm glad that I have been taught what to do at home to help my back. I'm SO glad that I chose to do my PT here! Keep up the great work!!

J. Shugart
Spartanburg, SC

Every experience was consistent with individual care. Regardless of the therapist, my needs were always a priority. Very professional, knowledgeable, and kind!

Spartanburg, SC

"Staff went over and above to ensure I was comfortable and understood my needs. Thank you to all for preventing surgery and getting back to normal everyday life!"

Spartanburg, SC

"My time at Physical Therapy Group in Laurens has been a wonderful experience.  I have had physical therapy at two other locations and there is no comparison!  The therapists work together so well.  It is impressive how smoothly they transition us through.  The room may be full of patients but we move through perfectly.  The therapists are professional, friendly and so knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this group to anyone needing these services.  Laurens should be so proud to have a clinic of this quality."

G. Burton
Laurens, SC

"I enjoyed all aspects of my time here. I appreciate the care and help I have received during my recovery. I will be telling everyone I know about my positive experience."

Spartanburg, SC

"Everyone treated me like family and not a patient."  

Spartanburg, SC

"Therapists listen to patients, explain exercises and how they will help very well, and spent a lot of time on your care. I've had more improvement here than anywhere else I've been. The receptionist and therapists are so kind, friendly, and respectful. Highly recommend!!"

Spartanburg, SC

"These girls listened to my needs and now I am so much better!!  Loved the casual atmosphere!  Thanks to you all for helping my pain to go away!" 

Spartanburg, SC

It would be impossible for me to say enough good things about Brandon, Matt, and Donna at West Grove in Duncan!  After shoulder surgery, I began physical therapy right away.  Brandon and Matt were understanding and caring, yet pushed me to work hard in order to regain range of motion as soon as possible.  Always professional, as well as personable, their vast knowledge and range of technique was impressive to say the least.   Donna is efficient and kind, and was always able to find appointments that fit into my schedule!  The atmosphere at West Grove is calming, quiet, and has a family like appeal that made my recovery seem easier.  I would recommend them to anyone who asked, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for any personal or family physical therapy needs in the future!  Thank you Brandon, Matt, and Donna for all that you did for me!

Thomasina G.
Duncan (West Grove Clinic), SC

"Just a quick note to say "Thank You" to my PT girls Lindsay, Allison, and Elaine for the very good care and concern for strengthening my legs - to avoid having knee replacements.  The atmosphere is cheerful and very positive.  The facility is clean and bright.  It has been a good experience and I have made life-long changes in my exercise practices!!"

N. Morgan
Laurens, SC

Thank you for employing physical therapists with amazing talent and patience.  Your employees, Linda, Rebecca and Dorothy at UPSTATE SPINE AND NEUROLOGY, Spartanburg SC   have been most efficient in my rehabilitation since undergoing major back surgery.

Paul J.
Spartanburg, SC

This is to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I have had at Physical Rehabilitation Group LLC here in Laurens.  The facility in itself is very impressive but does not supercede that of the staff.  Everyone is knowledgable and friendly as well as genuinely vested in each person's progress.  I would recommend this facility to anyone and everyone who needs rehab for any reason.  Thank you all.

Last, but not least, I must commend Rhonica who went the extra mile in helping me with my scheduling and certification issues.  She is a jewel; you need to make sure she stays with you.

M. Turner
Laurens, SC

After enduring back pain for several years, I finally succumbed to the pain and made a visit to the doctor. His initial instruction was for me to have physical therapy; I agreed to do so with my overwhelming skepticism screaming “why waste my time?”
Non-the-less I put on my happy face, baggy clothes and tennis shoes and arrived at Physical Rehabilitation Group where I was introduced to Rebecca Grider. Her delightful smile and professional attitude quickly relieved my apprehension. She and her associates patiently directed me in the therapy I needed.
From the very first session, my pain disappeared. I reclaimed my life! I could not be more pleased. Thank you for all your patience with me. I am delighted with the results.

Linda P.
Spartanburg, SC

I would like to commend and thank the wonderful physical therapy team at Dr. Esce's office. After experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain, including numbness in the fingers of my left hand, I was diagnosed with a pinched spine from bone spurs on C1 and C2. I was given two options, one being surgery and the other being physical therapy. Being 67 years old and having had many other surgeries over the years, I opted for physical therapy.

After my first session in PT, I knew that this group was going to do all they could to help me avoid the surgery. The entire staff at PT are so dedicated to each patient that enters the doors, I could tell that on my first visit. As they were taking down my information, they greeted each patient as they entered the door calling them by name. It was very evident that the patients felt "at home" as they greeted the therapists in return.

After 6 weeks of wonderful, but sometimes a little intimidating I have to admit,visits I became so close and confident in each one of them that it was sad to have to leave them. The whole staff is so dedicated to each individual client with such understanding and patience, always with a smile as they encourage us in every way!

With, I must admit, mixed emotions, I saw Dr. Esce for that final appointment knowing that I was not going to have to have surgery. I told him that it was made possible by the PT group that had been working with me for those 6 weeks and I was so impressed with the whole staff and was really going to miss them. He just smiled and told me that if I ever needed to be checked again for my neck problem, just call and he could remedy that with a referral back to PT!

Thanks again to Dr. Esce and his entire teams of people in his office for relieving my fears of yet another surgery!!

Anita W.
Spartanburg, SC

I did not think that I would ever be able to do my own house work or even walk in the grocery store again. I am 72 years old and had resigned myself to the wheelchair and walker. My doctor said I should try physical therapy and I laughed. My goodness, I couldn’t even do every day grooming housework, etc. I had a cane in every room of my home. Therapy? Are you Kidding? Well, I went just to honor my husband. I was very skeptical. Then I met Brandon (therapist at Duncan) and he was so kind and patient with me. My first few visits were rough, but they did not push me. Then Matt took over my sessions and he was so very kind and patient also. Pretty soon, even though they did not push me, I pushed myself. I was seeing and feeling so much improvement in my mobility and agility. Also my pain was manageable as I started doing the exercises at home and returning to my housework and shopping (yay!). I am not saying I have no pain and do not tire easily but physical therapy enabled me to do the things I thought I would never do again. I was treated with the utmost respect and caring. This facility is A, number one in my book. I have evolved from a skeptic to a fan. I do not walk bent over and with a cane. I walk upright unaided, and if the words physical therapy are mentioned in my presence I say, “Don’t get me started!” Thank you Dr. Behr for the referral, and thank you Brandon and Matt for all your hard work.  --Grateful forever

Donna S.
Duncan (West Grove Clinic), SC