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It would be impossible for me to say enough good things about Brandon, Matt, and Donna at West Grove in Duncan!  After shoulder surgery, I began physical therapy right away.  Brandon and Matt were understanding and caring, yet pushed me to work hard in order to regain range of motion as soon as possible.  Always professional, as well as personable, their vast knowledge and range of technique was impressive to say the least.   Donna is efficient and kind, and was always able to find appointments that fit into my schedule!  The atmosphere at West Grove is calming, quiet, and has a family like appeal that made my recovery seem easier.  I would recommend them to anyone who asked, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back for any personal or family physical therapy needs in the future!  Thank you Brandon, Matt, and Donna for all that you did for me!

Thomasina G.
Duncan (West Grove Clinic), SC

I did not think that I would ever be able to do my own house work or even walk in the grocery store again. I am 72 years old and had resigned myself to the wheelchair and walker. My doctor said I should try physical therapy and I laughed. My goodness, I couldn’t even do every day grooming housework, etc. I had a cane in every room of my home. Therapy? Are you Kidding? Well, I went just to honor my husband. I was very skeptical. Then I met Brandon (therapist at Duncan) and he was so kind and patient with me. My first few visits were rough, but they did not push me. Then Matt took over my sessions and he was so very kind and patient also. Pretty soon, even though they did not push me, I pushed myself. I was seeing and feeling so much improvement in my mobility and agility. Also my pain was manageable as I started doing the exercises at home and returning to my housework and shopping (yay!). I am not saying I have no pain and do not tire easily but physical therapy enabled me to do the things I thought I would never do again. I was treated with the utmost respect and caring. This facility is A, number one in my book. I have evolved from a skeptic to a fan. I do not walk bent over and with a cane. I walk upright unaided, and if the words physical therapy are mentioned in my presence I say, “Don’t get me started!” Thank you Dr. Behr for the referral, and thank you Brandon and Matt for all your hard work.  --Grateful forever

Donna S.
Duncan (West Grove Clinic), SC

"The care I received from Physical Rehabilitation Group was bar none the best I have ever received. Brandon and his staff provide the one-on-one care that is required for a quick and speedy recovery. I was able to quickly get back to doing the things I was doing prior to my surgery. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for A+ physical therapy!"

Josh Glidewell
Duncan (West Grove Clinic), SC