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I would like to thank Dr. Kim Snider and her staff for the excellent care and expertise provided during my initial knee replacement and later hip replacement.  I appreciate their encouragement and the friendly atmosphere.  They challenged me in each session but considered any issues I was having.  They used state of the art techniques (dry needling) to speed up my recovery.  I feel I had a quicker and more complete recovery because I went to them. I have been to other physical therapists and did not have the same results!

I strongly recommend this group to anyone needing therapy.  In fact, my daughter is traveling from Anderson SC twice a week for dry needling and therapy to alleviate back and hip pain.  After a couple of weeks the results are astounding!

Jayne G.
Irmo, SC

First off....I have been suffering with neck and shoulder pain from an injury I suffered back in Sept. I have been dealing with the pain and discomfort in the form of pain pills and muscle relaxers and up until about 3 weeks ago I was only taking them when I really needed to. I somehow aggravated the muscles in my shoulder and my supply of pills quickly diminished and all my Dr. did was double my script. So under the advice of a dear friend of mine I changed Drs. and started seeing Dr. Pamela Brown. Right away she referred me to Physical Rehabilitation Group and I'm gonna call her...... DOCTOR KIMBERLY SNIDER......It is currently 6:30 PM 4-30-2014 and my first visit with Kimberly was at 8:00 this morning. I am sitting in my living room in absolute amazement at my lack of pain, It's still here but cut at least in half of what it was this morning. You did more for me this morning in an hr. than all Drs. combined in my 45 yrs. Thank you Kimberly Snider for your help and wisdom and also a big thank you to Dr. Pamela Brown for referring me to this God Send.

Tony N.
Irmo, SC