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My name is Ophelia, and I live in Washington, DC. I have a unique story to share with you. I am originally from Laurens, SC. In 2015 it was discovered that I would have to have a knee replacement. I was very worried because I live in a three story home; my bedroom is on the top floor. To make matters more worrisome, I live alone and am about an hour from my hospital. I was sharing my dilemma with a childhood friend. As it turned out she had had the same surgery. She was delighted to share the details of her surgery and therapy with me because she had had such a positive and successful outcome. She encouraged me to come home once I was at the point of going through therapy. It didn't take long for me to follow through on her suggestion. I am so grateful that I much so that I am now completing my second round at Physical Rehabilitation! Both of my experiences have been so delightful and gratifying...not to mention physically rewarding. I have had nothing but respectful and professional treatment...always with a smile and much encouragement. I am so glad I took my friend's advice; I can't imagine a more pleasing and successful outcome with regards to recovering from my two knee replacements anywhere else. Oh, I must tell you this too! One of my favorite experiences at the center is when everyone is offered a popsicle as a reward for our hard work! I am so grateful for how I have been helped at Physical Rehabilitation Group! I would encourage anyone, near or far, to take advantage of the good service and experiences you offer!

Laurens, SC

It has been a distinct pleasure and privilege to have had my rehabilitation and care with Physical Rehabilitation Group. At the age of 65, I was apprehensive of undergoing two knee replacements. Both surgeries (December 2016 and February 2017) were done by Dr. Phillip Milner at Newberry County Hospital. Dr. Milner did an outstanding job and I recommend him to anyone needing replacements. Thankfully, my surgeon referred me to Physical Rehabilitation Group, where I received truly outstanding care. Having a daughter born three months premature, our family has experienced over a decade of observing and interacting with physical therapy teams. The care I have received here in Laurens is one of the highest qualities and it has ensured my quality of life, health and ongoing independence. There are no words that could ever fully express my gratitude for the careful and deliberate attention to every detail of care, not only for me, but for every single patient entering the door. Each patient is treated as though he or she is the only patient receiving care and every possible need is met. When I began the program, one factor compounding my apprehension was my compromised immune system and need for an extremely clean environment. Equipment is sanitized after each use and patients are provided with a joyful, yet peaceful, low key environment, minute by minute engagement and detailed instruction from the team. Low lighting and laughter, along with the constant observation and gentle instruction, each patient can fully focus on the task at hand, confident and able to trust that we are receiving care that is second to none. Dr. Milner, Newberry County Hospital, Lindsay Wilson (physical therapist) and Elaine Rector (physical therapist assistant) were our selections for my care and they proved to be the very best for me. Thank you, team, - I'm back in my flip flops and swimming daily. Yay! I am sincerely grateful to everyone.

Janet C
Laurens, SC