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"On June 12, 2012, I had back surgery done by Dr. Esce. Physical therapy was required, and I was given the choice of a facility. I chose Physical Rehabilitation Group for the convenience of travel, and I’m so glad I did. I have had great success with my recovery due to the “relentless push” from the therapists. Throughout the 18 1 ½ hour sessions, I had a therapist one-on-one with clear instructions and demonstrations. At all times I was treated with respect and called by first name. The sessions were like family together. There were times I didn’t feel like doing some things but was “strongly encouraged” to “push through.” It was hard to admit, but I would feel so much better. It has now been 2 ½ months, and I continue to improve with stretches to do at home. I commend Rebecca, Paulina, Daniel, and Summer for their tireless work with me and give them credit for my recovery. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing good physical therapy."

Barbara V.
Spartanburg, SC

"My doctor and I are most appreciative of the excellent work done by this team (Rebecca, Paulina, Summer, Daniel and Linda) at Physical Rehabilitation Group in eliminating my lower back pain and progressively reducing my neck pain. We are most grateful to Paulina for working around my physical limitations thus enabling me to achieve the successes we have to date. The introductory medical evaluation conducted by Rebecca was thorough but not intrusive; thanks, Rebecca. However, none of these would have happened had Linda not persisted in calling to schedule my rehabilitation sessions; thanks, Linda, for your relentlessness. To date things are improving and we have avoided surgery. Without any reservation, we would recommend this team at Physical Rehabilitation Group. Please note, I have had rotator cuff and reconstruction surgery on both shoulders and rehabilitation of same."

William E.
Spartanburg, SC